Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cute new bags

Well, I finally got around to making some new bags with my new fabric. I took my time, and made a sample bag with some cheap curtains I had bought from a charity shop. The style worked so I set to work with the lovely owl fabric. I adore this fabric, it's a fairly heavy weight (not curtain fabric, but heavier than plain cotton) and it sits so well. It took me a long time as I had to work out how to put on the magnetic clasps, but i did it, I posted a pic on facebook and it sold! i was so chuffed, especially as I suck at taking photos.

So I prepped 4 more bags in 4 different fabrics. I got around to making them yesterday and I have decided to keep the owl bag for myself. I have enough fabric to make 2 more of these owl bags, so I will be making more for my fair at Easter. These don't have the magnetic clasps as i have none left! Oh well, they are still pretty.

I'm not sure how much to make for my first fair, but I think 2 bags in each fabric and the smaller ones I have already made should hopefully be enough. The space can be taken up with brooches and hair clips. Here's the new bags, I hope you like them xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

New fabric

A wee trip into Glasgow meant I needed to visit the fabric shop. Years ago, there was a Remnant Kings  on most high streets - there was one in my home town, but it closed down years ago, infact I though the chain had closed too, but a quick google search for fabric shops in Glasgow highlighted RKs and in the city centre, which was fantastic!

I was in RKs for a long long time, loads of gorgeous fabrics and habdash stuff and I settled on 3 - lovely navy blue (my fave colour) with little owls, some little florals and a deep red cotton, and by chance the 3 colours compliment each other.

I also bought some zips. i wonder if I've bought the wrong size, as I only bought in very small sizes, but these are to practice making little coin purses.

So new bags, and new purses from me next week - watch this space for photos xx

Polly xx

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Confession time

I have recently come to the crushing realization that I am a messy sewer, a VERY messy sewer. To cut down on time when making bags, I do all the cutting for a number of bags all at once (it took me a while to work out that that would be more time efficient than cutting and making each bag individually) and after each cut, each trim, I sweep the off cuts onto the floor. It is only a tiny scrap of fabric after all.

But cutting 10 bags at once? The fabric, the interfacing? It all builds up. And then there are all the threads. Loads of them. All on the floor. I've heard of thread catchers (i know I should make one) but it's the immediate cleanness of the table that I like, and I can't see the floor when I'm sewing, so I only realise how messy the floor is when I finish the projects. Oops.

I'd love to know how you sew. Do you clean up as you go, or leave it all to the end?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

New bags

Having dabbled in making bags with some old curtains I bought from a charity shop, I thought it was time I used some nicer fabric. And i found the perfect Miss Polly style fabric from Dragonfly Fabrics, an internet site that I spend far too much time on, ogling all the lovely designs they have. And so I made this bag with fabric from the Westfallenstoffe range.

I like the design of the bag, but I can't decide on the brooch. Satin or fabric? I might make both and see which sells the best.

I have a lot of work to do before my first fair at Easter - bags, brooches and headscarfs (pics of them soon) 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Little Satin Brooches

As some of you may know, I dabble in loads of different crafts and love them all. And I've taken up textiles and fabric and sewing and all things sewing related and am hooked completely. I bought some satin to line some bags I will be making soon, but i snipped off a few corners and made these little satin brooches.

They are so easy to make, but also so pretty. I added a few freshwater pearls from my bead stash and a little fabric flower was born!

I'll post a tutorial soon xx

Friday, 16 November 2012

Playing around with Picmonkey

My lovely soapy friend, Denice, published a tutorial on her blog about how to make a blog banner using  PicMonkey and I was hooked and still am. Her tutorial is so well written that even I could follow it with no problems at all.

Picmonkey is such a fantastic tool to use to make banners, collages, logos .... endless fun.

So, the logo at the top of the blog was via picmonkey, but I also had a play around with some images to make a collage of some photos I have. Here's the first one, and I am pretty happy with it (the staging of the products is another issue but I'll work on that).

Here is the image with no filter:

but here is the same collage with a filter - Nostferatu Dawn which I absolutely love.

You can see that the tones are warmer, and the sparkles are just that bit more sparkly. I also added some text, but this was me playing around yet again.

I can see that picmonkey will be a great way for me to get distracted from actual work, it's that addictive.

If you want to try some fancy collages, blog banners or logos, picmonkey is the site for you.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

First post

The first post with little to say, but at least it makes the page look less empty.